The Grape Vine
The Grape Vine
Radhika Puar's blog on wine, food and travel adventures




Welcome to my website on Wine, Food and Travel Adventures. 

I am the first Indian graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Paris's Wine and Management Program. 

In another life, I was a graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science (London, UK) and worked in a big 4 consultancy in Gurgaon (India), the world's leading market research company (based out of Oxford, UK) and for an upstream Oil and Gas Company based out of New Delhi. 

My true passion is wine and wine culture. Nothing in the world is as nice as stepping on to a vineyard, or as rewarding as experiencing a wine straight from the barrel.

In my view, wine and wine culture are synonymous with food and travel. You cannot enjoy a good glass of wine without equally good food, and to find both, you often have to travel. It is my endeavor to provide you with the best possible practical and useful travel advice, and a feast for your eyes and palate when it comes to food and wine. 

 Join me as I go around the world, and experience the world, one plate, one destination, and one glass of wine at a time