The colors and flavors of spring in Delhi

The Cat and the chillies enjoying winter/ spring sunshine

In truth, Delhi doesn’t really have a "spring" season. The closest we have to spring in Delhi is maybe a week or two in February when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. A perfect time of the year for flowers..... and fresh, good quality vegetables. 

This year I have had the privilege of making two spring time favorites. The purple carrot Kanji, and the red chilli pickle. Both very different and very flavorful. 

The purple carrot will be turned into a fermented drink called "Kanji". Kanji is an aperitif, digestive drink with an acquired taste made typically at this time of the year. Sadly it is non alcoholic, but that doesn't detract from it's expressive taste.

The Kanji shown in the pictures here has been fermenting for the better part of a week and a half, and should be ready very soon. Once it is done, the carrots will be removed, and can be eaten. The drink itself will have a sour-ish taste with some sharp spices to add depth and character to the drink. 

The red chilies have been stuffed with various spices regularly available at your local store. They have been slow cooking for a day or two now, and are indeed right at the beginning of their journey into pickledom.  When they are ready, they will become a darker, deeper shade of red and will compress slightly. Despite their appearance, this chilly pickle is not hot. Their level of heat is slightly more than that of a capsicum. The real flavor comes from the mustard oil and the spices the chilies are stuffed with.

So these are the colors and flavors of spring at my home in Delhi. What are the colors and flavors of spring in your home- wherever you may be? Would love to hear from you in the comments section.