The York All Rounder Red and All Rounder White

On the 20th of June 2018, York Vineyards (Nashik, Maharashtra), launched the York All Rounder Red and the All Rounder White. According to their press release, this wine is easy drinking and even easier on the pocket! At Rs 500 a bottle in Maharashtra, this wine should be accessible to any one new to the world of wine, and a welcome addition to the collection of any seasoned wine drinker

A few details about the wines

The Name

As the name suggests, the theme of these wines is based around cricket!

"All Rounder is a term that comes from cricket but transcends the sport. The web definition says 'a versatile person of thing, especially a cricketer who can both bat and bowl well'. Growing up in India we have commonly heard of people having a knack of various things being called all rounders"

Bottle Design

According to their press release, York wanted a bottle design with "something that looked retro & cool. Something that wasn't loud or tacky. Something non-traditional, atypical of wine (specifically Indian wine!) and very much in line with new world wine label design".

They insist that the colours matching that of the Indian Cricket Team was a coincidence, but that they wouldn't have it any other way!

The Wine

As mentioned earlier, these wines are meant to be an easy drinking. It is interesting to note that they are meant to be paired with Indian Food.  

"Its a simple, honest, light, fruity, all round wine. Both the red & white are dry (yes, DRY) wines tailored to suit the novice wine drinker & Indian food."

Tasting Notes:

  • All Rounder Red

Grapes: Shiraz, Cab Sauvignon

The wine is light bodied & expresses intense red fruit characters. The tannins on the palate are smooth, making it a very easy drinking red wine. As an all round wine, this wine is best had on any occasion with friends & family.

  • All Rounder White

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc

The wine is light bodied & fruit forward. The acidity on the palate is refreshing while the aromatic flavours continue through to the finish. As an all round wine, this wine is best had on any occasion with friends & family


Rs 500 a bottle in Maharashtra for both the Red and the White All Rounder

Why these wines and why now?

"It is no secret that the growth in the Indian wine market is in the mid segment. As much as we need flagship wines to build consumer confidence (both Domestic & International) in Indian wine, we need good affordable wines. We also need brands that connect with people & reach out to a wider audience. With All Rounder we hope that those people who do not connect with wine will connect with cricket, the name, the story, the brand."