Relaunch of Cyber Hub 2.0 in Pictures

Relaunch of Cyber Hub 2.0 in Pictures

DLF Cyber Hub was relaunched with much enthusiasm on the 8th of September 2017. The Relaunch, better known as Cyber Hub 2.0  is an excellent example of constant innovation to keep up with consumer demands.

Cyber Hub 2.0 will have over 40 new outlets- and the experience gets even better with the help of an app (Hubber) to improve your dining experience. 

We take a look at the relaunch in pictures. 

The food maze organised for the launch of Cyber Hub 2.0 included some interesting new places. The restaurants that stood out include "People and Company", which served mini Chicken burgers, and Mutton Samosas,  "Twist", a restaurant serving Chinese style food such as Chicken Chilli Oil, and Pork Ribs,  and "Sutra", which served Chicken Stuffed with Cabbage.  


Wishing DLF Cyber Hub the best as always- The Grape Vine.